Giovanna and Steve’s last Podcast

Giovanna and Steve’s last podcast: “Project What You Want to Reflect”

Tess Whitty is a freelance translator who is passionate about helping freelancers take their translation or interpreting business to the next level by providing no-nonsense practical tips on how to market professional services and run a successful business.  We met her at the CTA Annual Conference 2016 where she participated as the keynote speaker.  Tess kindly invited Steve and Giovanna to share more about the subject of their joint presentation at the Colorado Translators Association’s annual conference, entitled ‘Project what you want to reflect’.

Steve and Giovanna’s tips are invaluable for anyone wanting to work on their own professional image. Are you projecting what you want to reflect? If you have any other tips on improving image, please share them with us!  And now… listen on!

Project what you want to reflect for your clients – Interview with Giovanna Carriero-Contreras and Steve Lank by Tess Whitty

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