Where is our PRIDE?

At the office this morning our staff received an email that read: “The interpreter that assisted yesterday was one of the best we’ve had. He

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Giovanna and Steve’s last Podcast

Giovanna and Steve’s last podcast: “Project What You Want to Reflect” Tess Whitty is a freelance translator who is passionate about helping freelancers take their translation or

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USA has a large requirement for various interpreting services like online interpreting services, telephone interpreting, video remote interpreting, simultaneous conference interpreting. The job requirements are

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Skill Building

Click Here For Our Next Scheduled Training Skill building involves advanced formation or reformation of professional and personal qualities, the mastery of new ways of

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The Community Interpreter

Click Here For Our Next Scheduled Training About Community Interpreting Community interpreting is a growing profession that targets the sectors of health care, education and

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Glossaries and Tools

Multilingual Mini-Glossaries Words are the most priceless trick of our trade: but words alone do not make the trick! Its the context, the framework, the

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