The Community Interpreter

About Community Interpreting

Community interpreting is a growing profession that targets the sectors of health care, education and human and social services. In the past, family and friends used to interpret in these settings. And it should not be the case anymore.  Today, federal civil rights legislation, national ethics and standards for interpreters, hospital Accreditation agencies and many state and municipal laws endorse or promote the use of qualified interpreters, but the journey is still a long way to go.

Community Interpreting is a fast growing profession, and I am so proud to be part of it.

In 2009, I started my journey to create an interpreters training that would serve interpreters that work across several specializations… I did it! I created it! ITPI (Interactive Training for Professional Interpreters) was born and we ran three sessions. But I was not satisfied I was in search of a way to either validate ITPI through an accredited testing process or to become part of a program that would fulfill my thirst for training. I had a dream that interpreters be a recognized profession valued and respected as any other professional we give our voice to!!! And in 2010, that dream became my inspiration for a business legacy.

Through my own professional continuous education and business development, I started connecting with the bigger family of interpreters, trainers, translators, linguists, language providers that mingle together at conferences, both in Colorado and outside Colorado. Katharine Allen introduced me to Marjory Bancroft in 2012. I bought into her passionate advocacy for community interpreting and became a licensed trainer for The Community Interpreter that same year. At that same training, Marjory invited me to be part of the author team for the next edition of the TCI. I was honored. And inspired. And I wondered what she ever saw in me to make me such an offer.

To this day, after the so many hours spent together, neither of us know. But I can tell you what I feel when I talk about community interpreting. I feel a passionate desire to contribute to something bigger than myself, to see our profession to become acknowledged, recognized, respected and valued. I see a need for the professionalization of our profession that spans across skills building, continuing education, business savviness, and legislative support. I see the need to educate service users, service providers, the same interpreters and in general all the stakeholders about the changes of our profession not only at the local level, but national and international. The ISO standards on interpreting, and specifically on community interpreting, are a reality as of 2014. But how many of us know? The Community Interpreter: An International Textbook was released on July 15th 2015, and the first training in Colorado will be presented in August 2015. It’s a textbook unique in its kind, the definitive international textbook for community interpreting.

It’s been a long journey, as much rewarding as humbling, extremely joyful but also painful. But nothing is more joyful that rebirth after pain. General Powell said a dream does not become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work. I am working really hard at mine. And you?

Humbly Yours,

Giovanna Cariero-Contreras
The Community Interpreter International Textbook, Author
TCII TOT Licensed Trainer
CEO, Cesco Linguistic , Inc.