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Debbie V. J.

“ Hi Giovanna,
I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you for the wonderful experience of taking your class. I learned so much from it, you have a passionate and very interesting way of teaching!
I was called on to interpret for our Cardiologist a couple weeks ago. I followed all the rules , the appointment lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. The physician, nurse and client all appeared to be very satisfied.
Within 5 minutes of getting back to my office the head of the cardiology department was @ my door asking if they could schedule me for the next time they needed an interpreter. They were all very pleased with the professional manner in which I was interpreting.
Thanks again, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

Maite L.R.

“ The Community Interpreter training was extremely useful. Aside from being rich in content, dynamic, and interesting, it had an immediate impact on my working conditions and I recommend it without reservation to anyone in the field or anyone considering joining our ranks. I came to the table as a competent interpreter, with the linguistic skills to perform my job well, so much so that I was already legally certified and had years of experience under my belt. Others in my place might doubt that a training like this would be of much use to them, but it was empowering, enlightening and altogether humbling to find out how much I did not know. Now I feel more fully like a professional, with clarity in my role and professional ethics, the stuff that sets a bilingual speaker just “winging it” apart from an interpreter.”

Laura G.

“ Hello dear Giovanna,
I hope you’re recovering well from your latest TCI course. I want to thank you again for not only teaching the course but for giving us so much of yourself. I truly enjoyed every minute of it! ”

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