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Interpreters jobs have been constantly coming at the top in the list of leading industries. Minimum qualifications to be an interpreter

  • You need to be 18 years or older.
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You will need to be fluent in at least one foreign language, including knowledge of colloquialisms, slang and culture.
  • Hold a certificate for professional interpreter training (at least 40 hours of training).

Why Interpreters Academy

How to improve interpreting skills?

USA has a large requirement for various interpreting services like online interpreting services, telephone interpreting, video remote interpreting, simultaneous conference interpreting. The job requirements are for various organizations including medical clinics and hospitals, law offices, worker compensation offices, schools and other community service organizations as well as government agencies.

Gaining training and credentials, investing in your profession, improving your performance makes a difference in the life of those that receive the services.

Community Interpreting

Community interpreting is a growing profession that targets the sectors of health care, education and human and social services.

About Community Interpreting

We offer several courses for community interpretation including medical interpretation.
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Behavioral Health

Behavioral healthcare is a term that refers to services for individuals at risk of, or suffering from mental, behavioral, or addictive disorders.

About Behavioral Health

This field specifically requires interpreters training’s and we have a special course for interpreting for trauma
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Skill Building

Certificate courses help the interpreter and translator gain new skills and abilities for new professional opportunities.

About Skill Building

We have different courses in consecutive, simultaneous, sight-translation and note-taking in interpretation.
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Professionalization and Certification are very important for Medical and Healthcare Interpreters.

About Medical/Healthcare

We have Medical Certification Written Exam Prep Training and Medical Terminology course to improve your skills.
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