Medical Certification Prep Training

This 2 full day training is for interpreters aspiring to take the medical certification exam either with the CCHI or the NBCMI/IMIA. This training is for Spanish speaking interpreters only. Participants will have material to study prior to the beginning of the course, so reserve your spot immediately to prepare this material.

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Professionalization and Certification are important for Medical and Healthcare Interpreters to achieve recognition, credibility and respect from the community they serve, other healthcare professionals, and in general from society, which will derive in better work conditions, growth opportunities, and economic return. But without any doubt the most important reason is the safety of the patients. Becoming a CMI or CHI is a possibility today for candidates compliant with specific requirements, who are also able to demonstrate mastery of fundamental medical interpreting concepts and skills via the certification examinations. Comprehensive yet efficient preparation for the certification examinations implies more than just memorizing concepts and terms; it involves practice, feedback and a change in the mindset of the applicant to navigate with ease and confidence the testing process and format. During this workshop, participants will be provided with tips, strategies and lessons on the medical interpreting fundamental concepts and skills relevant for test takers. Likewise, interpreters will be guided through a series of practical exercises to help them identify strengths and weaknesses while performing sight translation and consecutive interpreting.

Professional Medical Interpreters.

At the end of this session, interpreters will be able to:

  • Identify, define and apply high yield concepts in medical interpreting.
  • Identify and apply fundamental skills and strategies relevant for sight translation.
  • Identify and apply fundamental skills and strategies relevant for consecutive interpreting.
  • Identify and apply effective study habits focused on the certification examinations for medical and healthcare interpreters.
  • Identify and navigate high yield material regarding the certification examinations.
  • Identify fundamental sources of information and practice for the certification examinations.
  • Define specific test-taking strategies to better cope with the anxiety and insecurities related to taking the certification examinations as a way to improve their performance
  • Delineate a personal study plan that can be more effective and efficient.